Choco-Nana Bread

Choco-Nana Bread - Chew Nibble Nosh

I have notoriously bad luck with banana bread.  Every time I try to bake a loaf, it’s either overbaked or raw in the middle.  Despite that, I haven’t given up trying to make a decent loaf, and when I realized the bananas on our counter were brown and spotty, and wouldn’t be going anywhere, I decided I should give a new recipe a try.

Eggs in Purgatory

Eggs in Purgatory - Chew Nibble Nosh

So, you know my picky eater, Avery?  Well, Avery has recently developed an obsession with competition cooking shows.  Her favorite being Worst Cooks in America on Food Network.  (If you haven’t watched it, you should check it out.  It’s really kind of fantastic.)  The whole premise of the show is celebrity chefs coach horrible cooks from around the country, and turn them into REAL, honest to goodness chefs.  It’s a pretty incredible transformation, and actually a pretty funny ride along the way.  One, of many reasons, why a lot of the people involved in the show don’t know how to cook, is because they are honestly afraid of trying new things. (Sound familiar?)

Pumpkin Spice Monkey Bread

Pumpkin Spice Monkey Bread - Chew Nibble Nosh.

Go big or go home seems to be the motto when it comes to over-doing pumpkin spice  nowadays.  It started out seasoning things as simple as a latte and some cookies, and has branched out into household cleaners and bottled water (I’m sorry, but ick.)  It’s a little ridiculous.  That said, pumpkin spice placed in just the right recipe is still a very good thing, and I was excited to try this version of one of our favorite family breakfast treats, ooey, gooey sticky Monkey Bread.

Garlic Confit Toast

Garlic Confit Toast - Chew Nibble Nosh

People ask me all the time why I started writing a blog.  It’s probably a question I get at least once a week.  Blogging, though increasingly common, still has this kind of weird aura around it.  People don’t get it, and I have to admit, sometimes I don’t get it either.  It blows my mind that there’s this little space on the internet with my name on it, that I’m in charge of.  There’s also this weird ego-thing around blogging in general. Like, why on earth would I think that anyone would ever want to read anything I’ve actually written…about my dinner, no less?  It’s a battle I’m constantly struggling with.  I am notoriously bad at self-promoting my blog.  It’s only been quite recently that I even tell people that I write a food blog when they ask me what I do.  My go-to answer for a long time was just “I do a little work from home.”  Anyway, my point is, I often feel like my job is pretty weird.

Back to School with “Lovable Lunch Notes” from Sara Lee® Bread

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Sara Lee logoIt’s that time of year again.  The time of year where my Facebook feed is filled with pictures of eager summer-sunned students ready to head back to school!  My girls just started back this week. and when we were done with school shopping and locker prepping, the next thing on the agenda to tackle was the lunchbox.  Lunchboxes, what’s in those lunchboxes and what, if I add them to the boxes, will be left in the boxes when the kids return home are a big deal.  (I’m hoping not to strike out as much this year.)  Sometimes, I like to hide little notes in their lunchboxes.  Just a quick little note, offering up some love or words of encouragement.  School days can be long, and a little love from home in the middle of the day can go a long way!  So, when Sara Lee® Bread asked me if I’d talk to you about their new Lovable Lunch campaign, I knew it would be a great fit!

Orange Glazed Bunny Buns

Orange Glazed Bunny Buns - Chew Nibble Nosh

Seriously, aren’t these little guys just too cute?

They are the perfect addition to your Easter table, be it brunch or dinner.  They are deliciously tender, and flavored with just a hint of warm spices and orange zest, and then glazed with a simple, sweet orange glaze to finish them off.

And…they are super cute.

They really aren’t difficult to put together, but as with any yeast bread, they do take a little bit of time.

I started by mixing together some flour, yeast, and allspice in my mixing bowl.

Orange Glazed Bunny Buns - Chew Nibble Nosh 1

Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Peanut Butter Banana Bread - Chew Nibble Nosh

It was a couple of hours before the kids came home from school.  I was cleaning up the kitchen, and noticed that the bananas hanging on my banana hook had seen better days.  You know the type, the brown, spotty, “Oops, we didn’t eat these quickly enough” bananas?  What do you do when life hands you brown bananas?  You bake banana bread!

I’d seen this recipe a while ago, and wanted to give it a try.  I love peanut butter and banana together, and I loved that this recipe (which I adapted from one I’d found in Cooking Light) had some healthier twists than the usual quick bread.

Easy Buttermilk Biscuits

Easy Buttermilk Biscuits - Chew Nibble Nosh

 You know that moment of panic when you realize that you haven’t been able to go shopping and there’s very little left in the house to make a decent meal, and you won’t be able to go to the store because of a Polar Vortex?  Yeah, that’s where these biscuits were last seen.  I’d been in the house for four days, looked like I hadn’t been out of the house in four days, and realized that we’d pretty much eaten everything decent.  I actually Googled soup recipes using ingredients I had on hand, so I made that for dinner, and then was thrilled to realize that I had everything I needed to throw together some of our favorite dinner-time biscuits to go with the Google soup.

Dilly Casserole Bread

Dilly Casserole Bread 4 - Chew Nibble NoshI have a St. Patrick’s Day confession to make, and I hope I don’t offend any of my Irish friends.  OK, here goes…

I really don’t like Soda Bread.

Soda Bread is a traditional Irish bread that usually makes an appearance or two this time of year.  Break out the Irish spirit and Irish food, and Soda Bread will be there.  It will be there, but I won’t eat it.  It’s just not my thing.  Maybe I just haven’t had good Soda Bread, but my experiences (and I’ve tried many) have left me unimpressed, and thirsty.  It’s always so darn dry!  Maybe it’s the reason so many people drink on St. Patrick’s Day!

Yummy Mummy and Spinach Dip

Just a couple more days until Halloween!!  Are your kids bouncing off the walls yet?  Mine are.  There’s nothing like the promise of a giant bag of candy and a subsequent sugar hangover to get my kids excited.

This weekend, we went to my husband’s department Halloween party. I wanted to bring something festive, but was short on time.  The endless amounts of cute Halloween projects that I’d pinned on Pinterest would have to wait.  I wanted quick, simple, and fun.