Slow Cooker Chana Masala

Here we are.  We made it!  It’s 2017.  We’re right at the start of another new year, and if you’re anything like me, you’re looking back on the last month of food you consumed and are thinking “Wow. That was a lot of cheese.”  Not that there’s anything wrong with cheese, but you know what I mean.  The new year has arrived, and it’s time to step away from the gluttony of the holidays for a bit!

Easy Tandoori Spiced Chicken

Easy Tandoori Spiced Chicken - Chew Nibble Nosh

OK, I’ll say it.  Right off the bat, this isn’t the most exciting looking chicken dish.  However, if you’re a fan of Indian food, and want to enjoy a delicious meal of  savory spiced Tandoori chicken now and then, but don’t want to run out to an Indian restaurant for carry-out, this is a pretty easy way to curb that craving.