Italian Bruschetta Potato Hash AND a Hamilton Beach Pro Giveaway!

I’m just going to say this up front.  This is an awesome opportunity, so keep reading!


My friends at Hamilton Beach sent me one of their new Professional Series 14 cup Dicing Food Processors and asked me to give it a try, and they were kind enough to offer one to a lucky Chew Nibble Nosh reader as well (keep reading to see how you can enter to win!).  My first thought was, “Sure, thanks. That’s so nice of you. But, wait. It dices?”

Sweet Corn, Tomato & Pesto Pizza

Sweet Corn, Tomato and Pesto Pizza - Chew Nibble Nosh

You guys.  This pizza…


This Sweet Corn, Tomato & Pesto pizza is everything wonderful about summer…on a crust.
It’s crisp, fresh sweet corn and bright summer tomatoes, viibrant fresh basil, and zesty garden fresh pesto.  It’s packed with flavor, ridiculously easy to throw together, and on the dinner table (…lunch table, snack table, coffee table. The pizza’s not picky.) in virtually no time at all. It’s just perfect.

I could eat it every day and probably be pretty happy.

Have I pumped it up enough?

Ready to give it a try?

Easy Slow Cooker Pesto Meatballs

Easy Slow Cooker Pesto Meatballs - Chew Nibble Nosh

The name doesn’t lie.  This may be the easiest meatball recipe I’ve ever tried, and it’s also one of the tastiest!

I was honestly shocked at how tasty these little guys were.  It’s so nice when simple preparation works out to be delicious too.

I started by mixing up my meatball mixture.  Go for whichever type of ground meat you like.  The recipe called for ground beef or turkey.  I looked for turkey, but my grocery store only had ground chicken, so I used that instead.

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Dip

I just read that football may be a little less frustrating for a lot of people starting tonight. Excellent!  In honor of the refs returning to work, I figured I’d give you a recipe for a super quick and easy munchie to enjoy during your next big game!

Game food doesn’t get much easier than this.  Two simple steps and you’re good to go.


First, you need to soften up about 3/4 of a cup of sun-dried tomatoes.  There are tomatoes that you can buy in a jar that are packed in oil.  These aren’t those tomatoes.  These come dried, in a pouch, on the shelf.  To soften them up, pour some boiling water over them and let them sit for about 20 minutes.

Pesto Chicken Bundles

I am, admittedly, really bad with leftovers.  Nine times out of ten, leftovers will go uneaten in our house.  I know it’s a tremendous waste, but that’s just how it is.  I’m trying to be better about it, though. I really am!  I was so proud of myself last week when I actually turned one night’s dinner into a second night’s dinner.

I had some leftover grilled chicken on hand, and not much time to get dinner on the table that night.  I figured this might be the perfect time to whip out a recipe that I hadn’t made in a while, and because I had a couple of extra things on hand (namely pesto and marinara sauce)  I decided to jazz up the old recipe.

Roasted Tomato Soup & Pesto Mozzarella Dippers

I’m a sucker for tomato soup and grilled cheese.  There’s something comforting in the combination for me and when it’s dreary out or I need a food hug, you’ll often find me mixing up a big pot of this soup and grilling up some sandwiches for dinner.  Sure, I could just pop open a can of tomato soup and call it a day, but why?  This recipe is easy, not quick, but easy and much more satisfying and healthy than a warmed up glob from a can.  Both of my children love it…even the one who won’t touch tomatoes unless they are in the form of ketchup.

Presto! Pesto!


I’ve had quite a few people ask me for a decent pesto recipe lately.  It seems that this summer’s intense heat made everyone’s basil plants explode!  While there are a gazillion reasons why I think you should grow basil in your herb garden, fresh pesto tops my list.  It takes just a few minutes of your time to make, but there are so many ways you can use it.  Toss it with some pasta, stuff it into a pork tenderloin before you throw it on the grill, drizzle it over some sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese, dilute it with a little more olive oil and use it as a marinade, mix it with a little mayo and use it on a sandwich, pour some over a block of cream cheese and serve it with crackers as a quick appetizer.  Or, if you’re my oldest daughter, you could eat it with a spoon and find that perfectly acceptable!  It’s good stuff.