Sweet and Smoky Pork Tenderloin with Pineapple and Peppers

Sweet and Smoky Pork Tenderloin with Pineapple and Peppers - Chew Nibble Nosh

Sorry, guys.  I know I’ve been a little lax lately in sharing new recipes with you.  Summer is TOUGH, though!  I’d love to say our summer schedule is nothing but laziness, pool days, and endless time, but anyone with kids knows that it just isn’t. We’re having a great summer so far, but it’s keeping me on my toes, and unfortunately, not in the kitchen (or at the computer) as often as the obsessive-compulsive blogger part of me would like. I know you’re busy too, so I’m sure you understand. Don’t give up on me.  I’m still here!  Just making my way through the season.

Strawberry Piña Colada Pie – #RevIndy with Clabber Girl and a Rex Roasting Company Giveaway!

Strawberry Piña Colada Pie - Chew Nibble Nosh

It’s May, and May in Indianapolis means race season!  We Hoosiers are prepping for “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing”, otherwise known as The Indianapolis 500.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of race fans make their pilgrimage to the track during the month of May, and this year, the party kicks off early.

On Friday, May 9th, the Rev Indy event will be held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, celebrating not only the amazing drivers and the sport of racing itself, but the fabulous food and music that the great city of Indianapolis has to offer. It will be a wonderful night, all for a wonderful cause, as it will raise funds to help support the Indiana University Health Statewide trauma programs.  I’ll be there, along with Clabber Girl, to celebrate!

Tropical Dump Cake

One of my all time favorite chick flicks is Steel Magnolias.  So many quotes, so little time.

Shelby – “Pink is my signature color.”

Clairee – “Ouiser, I’d recognize this penmanship anywhere.  You have the handwritin’ of a serial killer.”

Shelby  “Truvy, you know what you need in here? You need a radio, takes the pressure off of everyone feeling they have to talk so much.” 
Truvy   “I had one once, but I threw it up against the wall when I couldn’t figure out where the batteries went. I know now, I was suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome.”

Lightened Up Piña Coladas

When it’s hot and summer-steamy out, we love to break out the blender and whip up delicious frozen drinks when we entertain.  One of my favorite “sit by the pool and relax” drinks is a cool, frosty Piña Colada.  The tropical pineapple-coconut combo always tastes so fresh and light to me.  The problem lies in that Piña Coladas usually aren’t really all that fresh.  Most rely on premixed, heavy on the calories drink mixes, which means they aren’t all that light either.  They taste great, but did you know that a typical restaurant/bar Piña Colada can pack up to 650 calories and close to 20 grams of fat?  That’s more than a Big Mac!  UGH!

Pig Pickin’ Cake

I know.  The name of this cake is pretty awful.  I’ve baked it up numerous times over the years and every time I look at the recipe, I cringe at the name.  I don’t know who came up with the name, or the recipe, but I have seen it in countless Southern cookbooks over the years.  I figured that the reason it’s called a Pig Pickin’ Cake is because it’s so good that it’s easy to look like a pig as you are “picking” at the cake.  However, thanks to the power of Google (Seriously, what did we do before search engines?  I swear, I Google something at least ten times a day.), I found that the name of the cake comes from the Southern tradition of serving it for dessert at pig roasts, or “Pig Pickins”.  Now that I have a legitimate reason for the (still kind of awful) name of the cake, and I no longer look at it as an insult, I feel I can pass it on to you!