Old Fashioned Slow Cooker Chicken Stew


Is anyone else out there having a rough time getting into fall this year?  Fall is my favorite season, and I’m just not feeling it yet.  I’m usually one of those stereotypical Pumpkin Spice loving, boot wearing, sweater snugly people, and I’m just having the toughest time getting in the fall mood.  It could be that it’s still pretty warm and the trees haven’t really started changing yet. I don’t know.  I just know I’m not feeling it, and my not feeling it is annoying me.

*Insert Grumpy Cat picture here.*

Slow Cooker Cowboy Pot Roast

Slow Cooker Cowboy Pot Roast - Chew Nibble Nosh

Back to school, back to crazy, back to my assignment as a personal Uber for my kids.  Everything has kicked back into gear here and we are officially back in the swing.  During the craziest nights, I rely heavily on my slow cooker.  I have a ton of slow cooker recipes on this blog, with good reason.  I use it a lot.  I remember a time when I rarely used my slow cooker at all, and it sat collecting dust in my pantry.  No more!  I break it out at least once a week.  And you should too!  It makes dinner time a whole lot easier.

One Pot Italian Chicken & Orzo Stew

One Pot Chicken & Orzo Stew - Chew Nibble Nosh

I know what you’re thinking.  Stew in July?  Stew is a misleading name for this.  It’s light and summery, and chock full of crisp summer veggies, but consistency wise…yes, it’s right up there with a stew.  It’s a really tasty way to bring dinner to the table any night of the week, and it all comes together in one pan, so clean up is a breeze.  Pair it with a loaf of good, crusty bread and you have an easy, delicious meal in no time.

Ready to give it a try yet?

Lentil Soup with Balsamic Roasted Winter Vegetables

Lentil Soup with Balsamic Roasted Winter Vegetables - Chew Nibble Nosh

This, my friends, is EXACTLY the recipe we need for today.  This morning, at 5:00 AM, my phone pinged, telling me that my kids officially had their first two-hour weather delay of the season.  We only got a couple of inches of snow overnight, but it came down at just the right time to throw a kink in the bus schedule.  The kids were thrilled, I was excited to set my alarm for a little bit later, all was well with the world.  My husband texted me a while later and suggested I stay at home, if possible, because the road conditions stunk. OK, sounds good to me.

Slow Cooker Moroccan-Spiced Beef Stew

Slow Cooker Moroccan-Spiced Beef Stew - Chew Nibble Nosh.

It’s official!  The first new slow cooker dish of the fall season was a huge hit!  This delicious variation on regular beef stew was just the perfect thing for dinner last night.  I had one of those days where I was running around right up until dinner time.  I needed something I could throw in the Crock Pot, and forget until dinner time.  This was the amazing result.

Lentils with Smoked Sausage and Carrots

Lentils with Smoked Sausage and Carrots  - Chew Nibble Nosh

Picture it:  “Sicily, 1922…”  I’m kidding.  I couldn’t resist.

Let’s start again.  Picture it:  It’s a cold, dreary day.  That icky, gross, rainy, cold, mucky, windy, ick kind of day that we all hate going out in.  That was my yesterday.  When a truly gross day rolls around, I usually want comfort food for dinner.  Preferably, something warm and cozy.  This dinner was exactly that.  It’s not the prettiest meal to look at, I fully recognize that, but it sure was tasty.  Simple, homey, good for you…and both of my kids gobbled it up. (Which, if you’re a parent, you know is a miracle in itself.)

Brunswick Stew

Brunswick Stew - Chew Nibble Nosh #recipe

I’d never had Brunswick Stew until we’d moved down South, so I’m assuming that a lot of you haven’t heard of it either.  I’m here to enlighten you! I noticed it on menus in a few places when we lived in Virginia, and then saw it more often when we lived in Georgia.  As I was looking at the history of Brunswick Stew when I was prepping for this post, I realized that I am absolutely no help in solving the mystery of where exactly Brunswick Stew began.  You see, Brunswick County, Virginia AND Brunswick, Georgia both claim to have originated the amazing concoction we now know as Brunswick Stew.  My confusion lies in that I first ate Brunswick Stew in Virginia, but at that time, it was cooked for me by someone who was originally from Georgia.

Slow Cooker Vegetable and Chickpea Curry

Slow Cooker Vegetable and Chickpea Curry - Chew Nibble Nosh

I wish I’d thought to take a video of my family having this for dinner.  Aaron will pretty much eat anything, but if he told me once during this meal, he told me twenty times “I really like this.” or “This is really, really good.” in between bites.  Emily, my oldest, went up for seconds…and thirds.  (If you know Emily, you know she eats like a bird, so this is kind of a big deal.)  Avery, well…Avery took a few bites and didn’t moan about it too much, so I’m looking at that as a win.

Slow Cooker Beef Goulash

Slow Cooker Beef Goulash - Chew Nibble Nosh

My slow cooker has been kicked into high gear lately.  Based on my blog’s stats, you guys love a good slow cooker meal, and for that, I’m thankful…because I feel like I’m throwing a lot of them at you!!

With two active girls at home, our pre-dinner time of day is pretty busy shuttling them around to different activities.  We like to keep a pretty strict schedule around here while we still can.  I’m realistic and know that, at some point, their schedules will be so out of sync with each other that things will fall apart in that regard, but we keep things stable while we can.  Bedtimes for the kids are still at a reasonable time, so dinner needs to be too.  It’s nice to walk in from picking the kids up and have dinner pretty much ready to serve up as we walk in the door.

Chicken Marengo with Creamy Lemon Polenta

Chicken Marengo with Creamy Lemon Polenta - Chew Nibble NoshThis is one of those meals that helps bridge the transition from Winter into Spring.  Like I said before, I’m pretty much over the heavy cold-weather food right now.  I’m ready for light, Spring, warm weather flavors.  Despite being ready for Spring, we never know exactly what Mother Nature is going to throw our way this time of year.  This dish has a hearty, warm-your-soul depth to it, but some bright, fresh, light flavors of warmer months that I’m currently craving.  It’s a cozy dish, but not heavy at all…just full of flavor.

I started by sauteing some diced prosciutto in a bit of olive oil.