Easy Chicken Tacos with Fresh Watermelon Salsa

Easy Chicken Tacos with Fresh Watermelon Salsa - Chew Nibble Nosh

Ah, well.  Vacation is over.  I’m back from the beach.  This was the first time I’ve left on vacation since I started this blog and I didn’t bring my computer along with me.  As any blogger knows, staying in touch is a key to successful blogging, but I needed to check out for a bit.  So, I did.  And now, I’m refreshed and revived, and back.  Thanks for sticking around!

Roasted Chili Verde with Pork and Rice

One of our favorite dishes to splurge on at a local Mexican restaurant is an amazing burrito that’s stuffed with richly flavored shredded beef, corn, tomatoes and all sorts of other goodies, and then it’s slathered in the most amazing green chili verde sauce.  My husband and I LOVE that sauce. It’s what makes the dish!

So, when I came across this recipe in my latest issue of Cooking Light, I figured I’d give it a go.  No, it’s not the burrito that we love, but it was a recipe for a quick, easy, and healthy chili verde, and it looked like something I may be able to get my kids to eat as well, which is always a plus.