Italian Deli Pinwheels


Italian Deli Pinwheels - Chew Nibble Nosh

Remember that outdoor concert I went to?  The one I where I brought those sweet little blueberry cheesecakes?  Well, I brought these fabulous little pinwheels there too.  My friend Lynda was generous enough to share the recipe with me after we enjoyed them immensely at our Indy 500 picnic back in May, and I’ve been looking for a reason to make them ever since.  Thankfully, this concert popped up, and it was the perfect reason to break out Lynda’s recipe.

Maryland Crab Roll Ups

The countdown to Christmas and New Year’s is on!  How is 2011 almost over already?  I remember my dad telling me when I was younger that the older I got, the faster time would move.  Today, my “baby” turned nine!  Tomorrow is my 30-somethingth birthday and, while I don’t consider myself “old”, I already feel like time is flying by.  I’m a little scared of what’s to come!  How can time possibly move any faster?